by Fischer Kaldi

I believe in coffee.

I believe in its power.

Every day, I see suffering all around. It walks inside my shop, sits down, and tries to pretend it isn’t there.

But I see it.

I want to stop it. That’s why I brew my most powerful blends of coffee. To help people end their suffering.

I know that my boss will never read this. He only reads business magazines, and he reads them by the hundred.

So I’ll tell you the truth.

I’m a rebel barista. 

I brew outlawed beans into forbidden beverages and sell them as the daily “special” so my customers might have a glimpse of hope.

In a way, I wish Bruce, my boss, would read this. He doesn’t understand the power of coffee. And I don’t just mean a quick shot of espresso in the morning.

I mean the power of a drink crafted from global beans infused with precise herbs, spices, and natural ingredients.

How powerful are we talking?

Well, much more powerful than giving you the morning pick-me-up you need.

I mean ending suffering as we know it.

I’m not kidding. It can.

It has to.

First, coffee can solve our individual problems. 

With the help of my coffee, we can all overcome our own limitations. Our wounds. Our fears. Our inability to reconcile differences with others.

Which leads to the next thing coffee can do.

It can solve our conflicts. 

When we have our heads straight as individuals, teamwork is much easier. That’s what my Amicizia blend is designed to do – to enhance groups who need help working out their differences.

And when we can live harmoniously in small groups, it won’t be long before we can find peace as communities, and cities, and countries.

That’s why coffee can save the world. 

I’m sure you have your own opinion about the power of coffee.

And I have mine, which I will be quietly serving at Ezprezzo (Location #159), either until Bruce catches me or I find a partner willing to join me in opening the greatest coffee shop on Earth.

Can coffee save the world?

You’re damned right it can.

And I’m going to prove it.


Fischer Kaldi is the former owner of The Bean of Life which went out of business nine years ago. He now serves at Ezpresso and trusts his boss won’t visit this website, or Fischer’s blog which you can explore here. Follow Fischer on Twitter and Facebook.