My name is David H. Safford

tbol-prints-023I craft stories for readers that are passionate about bringing justice to their communities.

I also drink entirely too much coffee.

Feel free to experience a free preview of The Bean of Life, or treat yourself to my free collection of stories and poetry, Soul Mountain.

Thank you for reading!


My Story

Child PhotoMy first published story was called “The Day My Teddy Bear Saved My Life.”

I was 7.

A traveling troupe of performers enacted my silly little tale in front of the whole school, and the entire time I was in heaven.

Since then, I’ve also taught for 10 years and spent a lot of that time helping other writers get better at telling their stories.

I hope you enjoy my work, especially The Bean of Lifea novel about a man who wants to save the world with coffee.

I also hope you learn something here – perhaps from the pages of Writer’s Duct Tape, a book I’m writing to help writers get their stories right from the very first draft. 

Feel free to email me, or see what I’m up to on my author websiteFacebook, or Twitter.

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Image Credit: THOR, Creative Commons