Protagonist and narrator of the story, “Fish” longs to reopen his beloved coffee shop, The Bean of Life, and share his life-changing Specials with the world.

For now, he works for a loathed franchise, Ezprezzo, and labors under the watchful eye of his boss who strictly disapproves of any off-menu brewing. To get his dream off the ground, Fish will need to win the help of his best friend, Sully, and convince him to jump on board as co-owner and partner.


A hopeless romantic, Sully has the worst job for a guy who wants to make friends: He fires people.

Stuck in his own circle of corporate hell, Sully just wants to fall in love and stay out of trouble. So when Fish brings up his idea to reopen The Bean of Life with Sully as partner, lover-boy doesn’t know what to do.

He gets some ideas about his future, though, when he meets Moxy, a quiet but beautiful artist who frequents the Ezprezzo location where Fish works.


Moxy TextMoxy studies business and art at the university. She usually keeps to herself while enjoying a cold glass of iced tea, but can’t resist the chance to make an honest connection with someone – even if that someone is a complete (but intriguing) stranger.

And Sully isn’t the only one with an eye on her.


Trysta seems to exude nothing but pure aggression and power. She refuses to suffer fools and makes her wishes known as loudly as possible.

Yet she is deeply passionate about protecting the ones she loves, and will go to any length to defend them.

Any length at all.

Dr. Robert Panglass

Bob TextDr. Panglass loves to stir the hornets’ nest with controversial ideas – like his recent publication that suggests victim-hood is a good thing for victims themselves.

As he tries to keep his job as a university professor and publish a successful book, “Bob” will strive to spread his personal gospel, regardless of the impact it may have on the fate of the city.

Alexis Anderchuck…

Froggi Text…but no one calls her that.

Her name is “Froggi.” Just spend two minutes with her.

Froggi loves to talk about her religion, The Fellowship of Sába Sacá, joyfully sharing the good news with everyone in the coffee shop. She also loves working at the coffee shop with Fish, and desperately wants to create a Special and do some life-changing of her own.


Janet Text…but only Fish calls him that, because Janet would never reveal his real name.

A mysterious and seedy member of the city’s underworld, the man known-as-Janet provides Fish with his rarest coffee beans from the rain forests of Colombia. Fish and Janet are currently on good terms, as Fish follows the agreed-upon-rules: Only come in the AM hours Sunday morning, and only come to a deserted car park north of Rouille Boulevard.

Fish always follows Janet’s rules. Everyone does.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s also:

Gabriella, Ralph, Michael, Bruce, Eric, Cathy, Maria, Dawson, Darling, Seth, and more….

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Image Credit: Gordonplant, Creative Commons.