In The Bean of Life, barista Fischer Kaldi brews an array of unique and powerful coffee blends for his customers.

Here is a sample of his favorites:

Schiavo Image

Schiavo MainBrewed with his friend Sully in mind, Caffe del Schiavo opens the drinker’s thoughts to unimagined possibilities.

Does life at work feel like a prison?

Do you wish there was more to the rat-race than paying endless bills?

Might there be long-forgotten dreams buried deep within your mind?

Then perhaps a mug of Caffe del Schiavo is the thing for you.

Amicizia Image

As anyone with ambition knows, teamwork is both necessary and difficult. Humanity’s greatest achievements were group endeavors: The conquest of Everest, the moon landings, the discovery of vaccines, and so on.

But what if those dreams had failed? What can we do when personalities collide and cannot be overcome?

How can we guarantee that every group will succeed, despite opposition from within and without?

A round of Caffe di Amicizia is bound to do the trick. Just tip your mug and watch the magic happen.

Passato Image

One of Fischer’s first creations, Caffe del Passato was designed to help heal those wounds that just won’t disappear.

How can we move on after losing a loved one too soon?

What can be done to ease the throbbing heart after divorce or betrayal?

And how can we forgive ourselves for failing, especially when we seem to fail over and over?

This Special will help you to soothe your suffering soul with each gulp. Without Caffe del Passato, there would be little hope for many of us to struggle on after so much pain.

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Image Credits: Davidlohr Bueso, Javier Morales, david pacey, and Breville USAAll images used via Creative Commons license.