Fischer’s city is about to go under.

Like so many great cities, Fischer’s rose to greatness when its university was founded in 1884. Since then, it has grown into a manufacturing hub home to over a million citizens.

University 1 Main

But things are changing.

Jobs are disappearing, and so are the people. Neighborhoods are being abandoned as crime spreads and injustice seems to know no limits.

Fischer wants to change all that.

The son of an proud entrepreneur, Fischer is trying to open a shop where he can sell his specially-brewed blends of rare, delicious coffee. Lily Heights 1 MainAnd these Specials aren’t simply caffeinated.

They’re life-changing.

Armed with his array of drinks, Fischer is confident that his coffee can transform the city as a whole. But before he can do that, he’ll need the help of his friend Sully to make the dream a reality.

And bringing Sully on board won’t be a simple task.

Even if Fischer succeeds in winning Sully’s help, saving the city is no sure thing. His coffee is certainly powerful. But the evil that lurks in the streets and crumbling buildings is powerful, too.

And it won’t take long before that evil comes to The Bean of Life, steps inside, and demands a cup of coffee of its own.


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Image Credits: Guyon Moree, , Cecile, Nic Redhead, Nitram242, and Diml. All images used via Creative Commons license.